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Book: Atlas of Muslim Minorities in South and South-East Asia

Michel Gilquin (dir.), 2010, Atlas des minorités musulmanes en Asie méridionale et orientale, Paris, Editions CNRS, 347 p.

This book brings together fifteen contributions addressing the issue of Muslim minorities in South Asia (India, Nepal, Sri Lanka) and Southeast Asia (Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Philippines), as well as in the Chinese world. This is justified by the fact that over half of Muslims in the world live in these regions. However, the director of publication has chosen here the case of Muslim minorities in countries where Islam is not the dominant religion. Of particular interest is that six papers relate to South Asia, three are dedicated to India, given the demographic weight of Muslims in the Indian subcontinent (about 400 million people). All in all, this book, dressed up with many maps and statistical data, offer a good overview of the Muslim population living in these regions, while focusing especially on their internal diversity at the doctrinal, social, cultural and linguistic levels.

Rémy Delage

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Book: The Other Shiites. From the Mediterranean to Central Asia

Alessandro Monsutti, Silvia Naef & Fabian Sabah (eds) (2007) The Other Shiites. From the Mediterranean to Central Asia, Bern, Peter Lang.

This collective volume is the proceedings of an international conference, which took place at the University of Geneva in 2002. The « Other » in the title refers to the fact that none of the articles are devoted to Iran. It provides a general perspective on the diversity and multiplicity of Shiism outside Iran during the past two centuries. The word Shia is used here in a wider sense, since one paper is devoted to the Alevis and another to Ismailis. The book brings together thirteen contributions, five of which are devoted to South Asia, particularly Pakistan. Of particular interest is the contribution of Mariam Abou Zahab on the politicization of Shiites in Pakistan in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and that of Alessandro Monsutti on the social organization and the role of `Ashura’ among the Hazaras of Quetta (Baluchistan) .

Michel Boivin


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