NEW BOOK with three chapters on Sindh

Table of Contents

I. Surat 18 – Excerpt on Khidr – Khizr; II. Introduction to Khidr-Khizr: A Figure of Shared Legacy in a World of Religious Boundaries; Michel Boivin and Manoël Pénicaud; III. Mapping Cults of Khidr-Khizr from Middle East to South Asia Part 1. Representations in literature and iconography Ch. 1: The Sage of Inner Knowledge: Al-Khidr in Qur’an, Hadith, and Tafsir, Hugh Talat Halman; Ch. 2: An Enigmatic Figure in Turkish Literature: Hızır (Khidr) and His Identities, Sibel Kocaer; Ch. 3: Mediator of Heaven and Earth: Al-Khidr in the South Asian Environment, Thomas Dähnhardt; Ch. 4: Khwaja Khizr in Iconographic Translation: The Changing Visual Idiom of a Complex Figure from South Asia, Michel Boivin; Ch. 5: Khwaja Khizr in Sindhi Devotional Literature: A Preliminary Survey, Kamran Kumbher Part 2: Places, beliefs and rituals Ch. 6: When Research Turns into a Quest: Ethics in the Narratives of Khidr-Seekers in Contemporary Turkey, Samuel Verley; Ch. 7: Al-Khidhr: A Multifaceted and Ambiguous Figure in the Mediterranean, Manoël Pénicaud; Ch. 8: Cyclical Time, Nature Spirits, and Translation Activities: The Transreligious Role of the Meeting of Khiḍr and Ilyās in the Balkans, Sara Kuehn; Ch. 9: Sharing St. George Al-Khader: Choreographies and Inter-religious Dialogue in Palestine, George Tsourous; Ch. 10: The Al-Khidr conflict: Shared Holy sites as Observatories of the Social Fabric during the Mandate Period (Emirate of Transjordan), Norig Neveu; Ch. 11: The Prophet Xerzr-Elias in Iranian Popular Belief: With Some Slavic Parallels, Anna Krasnowolska; Ch. 12: Lord of the River: An Outline of Khwaja Khizr’s Worship in the Indo-Pak Subcontinent with a Focus on Sindh, Zahida Rehman Jatt; Ch. 13: Spatializing Khwaja Khizr (Jhule Lal) in Punjab, Yogesh Snehi; Index

Call for participants – Environmental change, risks and vulnerabilities (Winter School 2023)

We are happy to announce the launch of our Call for participants for the second edition of the Social Sciences Winter School in Karachi. Visit the section “How to apply?“, download the call, read it out, fill up the registration form and transfer all the necessary documents.

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