NEW BOOK with three chapters on Sindh

Table of Contents

I. Surat 18 – Excerpt on Khidr – Khizr; II. Introduction to Khidr-Khizr: A Figure of Shared Legacy in a World of Religious Boundaries; Michel Boivin and Manoël Pénicaud; III. Mapping Cults of Khidr-Khizr from Middle East to South Asia Part 1. Representations in literature and iconography Ch. 1: The Sage of Inner Knowledge: Al-Khidr in Qur’an, Hadith, and Tafsir, Hugh Talat Halman; Ch. 2: An Enigmatic Figure in Turkish Literature: Hızır (Khidr) and His Identities, Sibel Kocaer; Ch. 3: Mediator of Heaven and Earth: Al-Khidr in the South Asian Environment, Thomas Dähnhardt; Ch. 4: Khwaja Khizr in Iconographic Translation: The Changing Visual Idiom of a Complex Figure from South Asia, Michel Boivin; Ch. 5: Khwaja Khizr in Sindhi Devotional Literature: A Preliminary Survey, Kamran Kumbher Part 2: Places, beliefs and rituals Ch. 6: When Research Turns into a Quest: Ethics in the Narratives of Khidr-Seekers in Contemporary Turkey, Samuel Verley; Ch. 7: Al-Khidhr: A Multifaceted and Ambiguous Figure in the Mediterranean, Manoël Pénicaud; Ch. 8: Cyclical Time, Nature Spirits, and Translation Activities: The Transreligious Role of the Meeting of Khiḍr and Ilyās in the Balkans, Sara Kuehn; Ch. 9: Sharing St. George Al-Khader: Choreographies and Inter-religious Dialogue in Palestine, George Tsourous; Ch. 10: The Al-Khidr conflict: Shared Holy sites as Observatories of the Social Fabric during the Mandate Period (Emirate of Transjordan), Norig Neveu; Ch. 11: The Prophet Xerzr-Elias in Iranian Popular Belief: With Some Slavic Parallels, Anna Krasnowolska; Ch. 12: Lord of the River: An Outline of Khwaja Khizr’s Worship in the Indo-Pak Subcontinent with a Focus on Sindh, Zahida Rehman Jatt; Ch. 13: Spatializing Khwaja Khizr (Jhule Lal) in Punjab, Yogesh Snehi; Index

Society, Culture and Territory

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