This MIFS newsletter appeared twice a year. It contained a wide range of information and kept you updated about our research activities (workshops, conferences, fieldwork) and also about ongoing research around the theme of History and Sufism in the Indian subcontinent. It was co-edited by Michel Boivin and Rémy Delage as part of the activity of the French Study Group on Sindh (MIFS). You will also find here another bulletin which was published once in 2013, the CSSK bulletin.

Just click on the links below to download the content of our newsletters.

MIFS Newletter n 10 (July 2021)

In conversation with Professor Claude Markovits, The Hindu Diaspora in Hong Kong: The Vignettes from fieldwork during pandemic, Book Reviews, New PHDs, In memorium of Dr. Ghulam Ali Allana, Acedmic  Events (Flyers/Reports)

MIFS Newsletter n°9 (January 2021)

In conversation with Professor Masooma Shakir, Mata’s Melo: Worshipping Devi among the Samis of Sindh, Uderolal in G.E.L. Carter’s colonial Ethnography of Sindh, new PHDs, Book Reviews, Academic Events (Flyers/Reports), In Memorium

MIFS Newsletter  n°7-8 (July 2020)

CEIAS Achievements in Sindhi Studies, Interview with Professsor Ansari, Orthographic impacts of phonological changes in Indian Sindhi, In Search of the Mohanas, Note on Uderolal mandir in Ghorabari (Sindh), Travel Diary : Udero Lal in Northern Sindh,New PhDs in Sindhi Studies,Remembering Dominique Sila Khan’s Ramdeo Pir and the Ismailis in Rajasthan

CSSK Bulletin n°1 (December 2013)

Interview with Professor Matthew Cook, Conference report, New publications, Book reviews, PhD and MA dissertations, New European contributions to the study of Pakistan, Agenda

MIFS Newsletter n°6 (September 2011)

Interview with Ali S. Asani, Fieldwork report, Excerpts from Sindhi poetry, Special Book review, What is new?, Agenda

MIFS Newsletter n°5 2010

Interview with Ahmet Karamustafa, Conference report, A note from the Diwan-e Qalandar, Special book review, What is new?, Agenda

MIFS Newsletter n°4 2010

Interview with Kishwar Rizvi, Fieldwork report, Excerpts from Shah-jo Risalo, Special book review, What is new?, Agenda

MIFS Newsletter n°3 2009

Interview with Richard K. Wolf, A workshop on Sehwan Sharif in Sindh, A paper by Pnina Werbner, Three Panjras of Udero Lal, Special book review, What is new?, Agenda

MIFS Newsletter n°2 2009

Interview with Monik Kervran, Fieldwork report, Book launch in Karachi, First workshop in Paris, Special book review, What is new?, Agenda

MIFS Newsletter n°1 2008

Project, Members, Organization chart, Research completed, What is new?, Agenda

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