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MIFS Newsletter 7/8 – July 2020

The MIFS Newsletter  n°7-8 2020 has been released. See the contents  here : CEIAS Achievements in Sindhi Studies, Interview with Professsor Ansari, Orthographic impacts of phonological changes in Indian Sindhi, In Search of the Mohanas, Note on Uderolal mandir in Ghorabari (Sindh), Travel Diary : Udero Lal in Northern Sindh,New PhDs in Sindhi Studies, Remembering Dominique Sila Khan’s Ramdeo Pir and the Ismailis in Rajasthan

You can also download all previous issues on this page.

Youtube channel of the Sindhi Studies Group

This Youtube channel entitled Sindhi Studies Group is a complement to the EHESS Hypotheses blog named Sindhi Studies Group : Society, Culture, and Territory. It intends to contribute to Sindhi studies by providing interested parties with various types of video documents. It should also be noted that this is a university vlog whose sole objective is to promote knowledge to researchers, students and other interested parties in the field of humanities and social sciences alone. Another objective is to report on the growth of Sindhi studies around the world, marked first and foremost by an increase in the number of publications as well as PhDs devoted to this field. Continue reading Youtube channel of the Sindhi Studies Group