Workshop: Shi‘i Sufism in Modern Times, Edinburgh University, 20 Octobre 2012

A one-day workshop on Shi`i Sufism has been held at the IMES (Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies), University of Edinburgh, on the 2oth of October 2012. It was co-organised by the CNRS in France (Monde Iranien, Monde Indien; IISMM) and the University of Edinburgh (IMES) in UK. For more information, you can also contact Denis Hermann.

Venue: IMES, The University of Edinburgh, UK

The detailed programme of the day is presented here below:



9.30-10.20: Andrew Newman (Université d’Edimbourg): The Safawids, the Shiʻa and the Sufis: The anti-Sufi Polemic and the ‘Recovery’ of the Twelver aḥadīth in the 11th/17th Century

10.20-11.10: Mathieu Terrier (Doctorant, EPHE, Paris): Apology of the firsts Sufi Masters in a Shi’i Treatise of the last Safavid Period; the Mahbûb al-qulûb of Qutb al-Dîn Ashkevarî

11.10-11.25: Coffee break

11.25-12.15: Fabrizio Speziale (Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III/CNRS, Mondes iranien et indien): The Ni‘matullāhī Renewal in Early Modern Deccan

12.15-13.05: Michel Boivin (CNRS, CEIAS): Sufism and Shiism in Sindh: A litterary and ethnographic approach

13.05-14.30: Lunch

14.30-15.20: Matthijs van den Bos (Birkbeck, Université de Londres): Contested Friend. Soltan‘alishah, the Valayat-name and Shiite Sufi authority

15.20-16.10: Alessandro Cancian (Institut d’Etudes Ismaéliennes, Londres): Categories Reconsidered: the Principles of Qur’ānic exegesis in Sulṭānʻalīshāh’s Shīʻi-Sufi commentary

16.10-16.30: Coffee break

16.30-17.20: Denis Hermann (CNRS, Mondes Iranien et indien): Some Remarks on Shi‘i Sufism in Modern Times : Communities, Rituals and Identities

17.20-18.10: Lloyd Ridgeon (Université de Glasgow): Hidden Khomeini: Mysticism and Poetry

18.10-18.30: Concluding remarks


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