Book: Sindh under the Mughals

Humera Naz, 2022, Sindh under the Mughals, Origin and Development of Historiography (1591–1737 CE), Oxford University Press, Karachi, 280 pages.

“[This] book is a major contribution to the history of Sindh, and consequently to that of Pakistan and South Asia. Beyond the excellence of the research, it must be emphasized that, if the reign of the Mughal rulers has been studied in detail, it is mainly in the imperial context, namely from the centres of power they had created and developed in northern India … Dr Naz has shifted the focus, producing an innovative perspective on how the Mughals exercised power in territories relatively far from the imperial centres, but above all she reveals the leading role they played in developing historiography through the spread of several literary genres. Thus, Dr Naz’s work renews the field of Mughal studies, but at the same time, it is much more than that.”

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