Book: Consolidating Empire. Power and Elites in Jahangir’s India

Corinne Lefèvre, a historian at the Centre for South Asian Studies (CEIAS) in Paris, just published in 2022 her latest book entitled Consolidating Empire: Power and Elites in Jahangir’s India 1605–1627, Permanent Black, 644 p.

“What happened in Mughal India in the quarter century after Akbar’s death? Nothing that really mattered – according to received wisdom. Through a complete re-examination of the reign of the fourth Mughal emperor Jahangir, this book upends that traditional view.

Rather than provide a linear history of this relatively neglected monarch, Lefèvre analyses a wide range of imperial and non-imperial texts, as well as vestiges of material culture, to reveal major transformations involving imperial authority, ethno-religious diversity, and state centralism…”

More info on the publisher’s website

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