Book: Historical Dictionary of the Sufi Culture of Sindh in Pakistan and India by Michel Boivin

Michel Boivin, Historical Dictionary of the Sufi Culture of Sindh in Pakistan and India, Karachi: Oxford University Press, 2015.

Michel Boivin is currently Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for South Asian Studies, CNRS-EHESS, in Paris.

“This book tackles the issue of delimiting Sufism: where does it start and where does it end? Speaking about Sufism does not typically account for its wide range of influence on societies and cultures. Thus this Dictionary aims to highlight the extent of Sufism’s reach, specifically in the context of Sindh. Various forms and iterations of Sufism are practically ubiquitous across Sindh, including even its most remote regions. The many discourses expressed by Sufism are often interwoven with other devotional traditions in the region, merged by the use of a shared technical lexicon in the fields of both poetry and ritual. The Dictionary consequently includes references to the traditions and literatures with which Sufism has engaged like those of the Muslim Ism?`?l?s and Zikr?s, and the Hindu Dary?panth?s and N?naksh?h?s. The reference language of the Dictionary is Sindhi as, besides some dialectical variations, the language remains a common thread between the Sufi cultures of Sindh, the neighbouring regions of India, and the Sindhi diaspora. The Dictionary is alphabetically-arranged and features vivid illustrations, an extensive bibliography, and a chronological chart of major historical events pertaining to the topic.”


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