Association for the Study of Ginans (ASG)

Association for the Study of Ginans

A Tribute meeting to remember our dear Late Pyarali Jiwa
Date: 20th February 2021
Time: 4.00 pm to 4.40 pm GMT

No Agenda Item Time (in minutes)
1 Opening Ginan – One verse 2
2 Opening Address and tribute by the ASG Chairman Mr Shiraz Pradhan 3
3 Tribute to Mr Jiwa – A video presentation 8
4 Tributes by Invited Guests (Max 2 mins each)*
(Those invited to speak will be contacted separately before the event) 20
5 Tribute on behalf of the ASG, Vote of Thanks and Closing Remarks by the ASG Vice Chairman Mr Mohamed Moledina 4

* ASG has no possibility to include all the tributes in a forty-minute event. In this context, please note:
• All of us will have a possibility to express our tributes via the Zoom platform.
• The Zoom platform will be available for 30 minutes after the closing remarks for participants to submit their tributes using the Chat function.
• We will be sharing the consolidated tributes with Jiwa family for their record and some of the tributes will also appear on our soon to be launched website
• As usual, you can continue to express your tributes by visiting the ASG Facebook page.



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