New Journal of Sindhi Studies

Edited by Michel Boivin, CNRS-CEIAS (Paris) and Matthew A. Cook, North Carolina Central University (Durham, USA)

Publisher: Brill

“The primary focus of the Journal of Sindhi Studies (JOSS) is the Sindh region, located in southern Pakistan. However, Sindhis live in other parts of Pakistan as well as in India and across the globe. The journal accepts submissions that address the people of Sindh, regardless of their current geographic location.

JOSS aims to shed interdisciplinary light on the “Sindhi World.” It accepts submissions from all disciplines but prioritizes perspectives from the humanities and interpretive social sciences (e.g., anthropology, history, sociology, geography, literature, art history, and visual studies). The journal’s humanistic and interpretive approach aims to draw submissions into a single comparative forum to analyze, discuss, and understand the many intricate and multilayered contexts that constitute the Sindh region and the lives of its people.

JOSS also approaches Sindhi Studies as a field to address broader questions about society and the human condition, both in the past and present. It privileges submissions that, in addition to Sindh and Sindhis, tackle topics like colonialism and nationalism, integration and marginalization, devotion and institutionalization, vernacularism and cosmopolitanism, and many others. The journal strives toward a better general understanding of the world by addressing it through the lens of Sindhi Studies.”

More on Brill’s website or download also the pdf flyer.

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